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The Deviant Diner

Open 24/7

the Deviant Diner


Role playing and silliness for the Muses of Deviant Muses.


August 29th, 2006

She tried very hard to slip into the diner without drawing too much attention to herself. She thanked the Gods every day she'd been granted the gift of this retreat. It was still a mystery how it came to be… how it was no matter where she went she could get here without direction. It didn’t' matter... hell maybe she was just imagining it all, but even if that was the case it was the break from the insanity of her reality that she desperately needed.

Her reality was a mess.. and this alternate world she found so long ago was all that kept her holding on to the last fragile strands of her sanity. The knowledge that at the end of the day she could sneak away and come here… to this haven of familiar faces… it kept her going.

A shot of bourbon ordered and she found her favorite table, looking out over the patrons. Sometimes she wished there was a way to let her friends know when she would be here, especially… She forced herself to drop that thought. He came here to unwind, not to brood.

August 18th, 2006

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cropped slight smile
Inara stepped into the diner a bit warily. It wasn't generally her sort of place but the food smelled good, at least not like protien and she might be able to get a vodka martini. She could sit, unwind and enjoy being planet side for a little while.

August 16th, 2006

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Kara tucked the gloves in the belt of her flight suit, just beside the holster. A quick rake of the fingers through tangled blonde hair and she was satisfied. This place was just one more to add to her secret haunts... one more place she could come and just relax without having to explain herself to anyone if she didn't want to.

Saddling up to the bar she ordered a double shot of burbon before retreating to a corner table to watch for familiar faces.
John Jones looked around the diner with a world weary gaze, swiping his fedora from his head and walking slowly over to a table. The long coat and fedora were neatly laid next to him as he slipped into the seat, beckoning for a tall glass of milk and a plate of his favorite cookies.

August 15th, 2006

Helena leaned against the bar, a cold beer in her hand. It'd had been a rough night, so she was in the mood to let her hair down and relax.
Come one, come all to the deviant_diner.

Anything goes, except OOC nastiness.

Only members of deviant_muses can participate.

If you'd like to volunteer to me a manager, please let me know.

EDIT - I'm going to add a TAG for each character who joins.

(I'll be making some custom graphics tomorrow when I'm on my desktop and Photoshop enabled.)
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