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So who wants a drink?

Helena leaned against the bar, a cold beer in her hand. It'd had been a rough night, so she was in the mood to let her hair down and relax.
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Slade slipped up to the bar, dropping a large bill down while his one eye makes contact with Helena. "Drinks for both of us," he says in a voice that makes it a challenge for her to accept.
"Not to sound too much like my mother, but look what the cat dragged in." She turned to the side, taking a long gander at the mercenary. She couldn't help but wonder what the hell he wanted. "Sure you can buy me a drink. Then you can tell me why you're talking to me."
She thought she saw the hint of a smirk behind the mask, but could not be positive. "Maybe I just see a pretty face and think it's worth pursuing from time to time." He radiates an ease of being exactly where he is, as if he has no other agenda pressing on him.
"Well since we're on neutral territory, and I'm not the gung-ho vigilante that my father was," she tilted her head to the side. "How about you take off the mask. Only fair that I should get to see your face too." She smiled at the bartender. "1800, leave the bottle."
He considers for a moment, then nods, reaching up to untie the mask. When he removes it, he has not aged a day, it seems. His white hair is still thick and distinctive, the black patch a strong contrast as it covers his missing eye.

"Your father was a master at what he did," he compliments. "But your mother was even more the mistress of her art."
"You make it sound like he's dead too, and not just sulking somewhere. But enough about me." She poured them each a shot, and tossed hers back with practiced ease. "What brings you by?"
He smiles at her comment that her father might be dead, and it is not a pleasant smile. He does, however, drop the subject of her parents as he downs the shot given to him.

"A change of scenery, a few new pretty faces, maybe an old 'friend' or two," he says in turn.
"You have friends? Damn, that must cost you a pretty penny. Good thing being an assassin pays well, no?"
"Now, dear child, have I been rude to you?" He gives her his most charming smile, just a hint of evil lurking in his eye.
She learned on her elbow and gave him a smirk that was almost a smile. "I don't play nice." She held up her thumb and the end of her index finger about an inch apart. "It's the bad blood, you know. I'm sure my daddy thinks I'm this close to being a vile, evil villian. Even Oracle and I argue about how it makes more sense to kill the bad guys, so they can't break out and start over again."
"I believe you probably make more sense than most of on that matter, then." He let her have a genuine smile, arching one eyebrow at her. "So you work with Oracle. Not surprising, I suppose."